The SIPER repository is a database of evaluation studies. It is updated on a continuous basis. If you search for particular evaluation studies, you can choose between two search options:

  1. Search the evaluation studies by pre-defined characteristics. This search is only possible for the evaluation studies that have already been coded by the evaluation team. To search by characteristics, please click here.
  2. Search the complete text body of evaluation studies (full-text search) and search for freely selected terms. This can be a single word or several contiguous words. This search function refers to the whole set of evaluation reports that are available on our website. To search the full text, please click here.

If you want to address a specific research question, you have the possibility to get access to the full database i.e. the coded data and data not publicly available related to the assessment of quality of the evaluation report. Access to RISIS datasets is free of charge. Please go on the RISIS website datasets to register and ask for access. The process will be as follows

i) Accreditation: persons requesting access need to register and agree to the conditions of use (good use of data, authorship, mention of the RISIS project, agreement to post results and aggregated datasets produced on RISIS website) via signing the RISIS Code of Conduct.

ii) Selection: persons requesting access need to explain why and how they want to use the SIPER data. This can be done in a short abstract (200 words) describing the research question and research methods. Requests are reviewed both by the dataset producers and by the RISIS project review board that will give the final agreement for access.

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